Ordering Custom Made Pottery

It would be my honour and pleasure to create a piece of pottery for you.  And I really mean that. I view this as  an honour.  For me, working with clay is an energetic and very personal experience.  I appreciate that you would want to work with me to create something special and I take that trust seriously.  I work with gratitude and love.

Price.  This is always the first question I receive about commissioned work.  I do NOT charge extra for custom made work.  Prices are the same as what you see listed on this site.

Because I work in a communal studio, and because of my physical limitations, I am a bit restricted in what I am able to create.  Having said that, there is still quite a wide variety of vessels that I’m able to make.  From mugs and cups to bowls and platters and more, there are a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours available.  To view samples of my current work, and the shapes, forms, textures and colours available, please visit my online store.  I also have a few pictures of some custom pieces on this page, near the bottom.  I won’t duplicate the work exactly, as every piece I make is unique, but I can work with elements of what you see below.

I do not work at the wheel.  All of my work is hand built, which is a slower and more labour-intensive process.  Some bowls and platters can be made using molds.  Many of my bowls and platters (squares, rectangles, rounds and ovals) are slab built.  All of my mugs are built using slabs, and it should be noted that they are all over-sized.  This is intentional.  Anyone can buy a conventionally made and sized mug.  Mine are extra large so that you can indulge in a hearty cup of soup, or stew, or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee that lasts more than three sips.  For the more adventurous, they also make great beer steins!

Commissioned pieces are wonderful if you are looking for something special.  Perhaps you want a piece to match your dishes, or the décor of a room.  Maybe you’re looking to create a unique and personal gift for someone.  Whatever your reason, there’s nothing quite like having something that’s made just for you.

I am currently focussed on two bodies of work:  One with the Om and Eastern motifs, one featuring a variety of lace patterns.

My work with lace is becoming more popular as people discover all the various ways I’m able to incorprate lace in to the clay.  You might have an old piece of lace you no longer use.  It’s precious to you because it was hand made, or perhaps you inherited it from your mother or grandmother, but it no longer fits your modern decor, or maybe after years of use it’s a bit stained, or torn or worn, but it has sentimental value for you and you can’t bear to part with it.

Rather than keeping the lace hidden in a drawer, where it won’t be remembered, we can find a way to immortalize the pattern in clay.  And this in no way harms the lace.  I can return it to you once I’m finished using it.

In addition to the shapes, sizes and textures you’ll see on my store page, please also note that I can work with the following colours:  Dark, light and bright blues, cobalt blue, dark and light green, teal, sea green, dark raspberry, dark and bright purple, cranberry (similar to a rusty brown/red colour), black, celadon, red, bright yellow, white, clear and satin cream (pale yellow).  I also have a variety of celadons and several Amaco glaze colours.

I am in the Greater Toronto Area.  Picking up your pieces is always the safest way to receive works of pottery; however, I am willing to ship to locations anywhere in North America.  I use Canada Post and will charge their standard fee plus the addition of a cost for packing materials.  This will be priced on a piece by piece basis.

Please contact me directly to discuss working together to create a beautiful and unique piece of pottery.

Double click on a picture to open into a larger window and view.

Various types of bowls, cups and mugs, both large and very small:

ultra thin slab pot c  ultra thin slab pot b

115  114

044   045

036 043

Miriam mug side D Miriam mug side A Miriam mug handle A Miriam mug front F IMG_3389   IMG_3252

Three tiny cups - front (1) Three tiny cups - side

Small Bowl #1 - C  Small Bowl #1 - B

Other vessels:

Finished G Finished A
Finished C Finished H

077Close up of top rim Close up of front view

Nikki's bowl 4 Nikii's bowl 5 Bowl 5 glazes 4 Bowl 5 glazes 3 Bowl 5 glazes 2 068 066 067small-raspberry-cups-2 small-raspberry-cups-5
lisa-platter-3 lisa-platter-2
gilat-set-t4 gilat-set-7 gilat-cup-4