Working With Lace


Working with clay has given me the opportunity to explore many things about myself, and at first glance, working with lace might not seem like a natural fit for me.

My style is contemporary, and while there are aspects of me that are quite traditional, I am a modern woman.

So how do I explain why I love using lace in my designs?

My mother and her family are from Hungary, and I am the first in her family to be born in Canada.  I was raised by and around Hungarians.  Lace is a part of that old-world culture. I suppose you could say it’s a part of my DNA.

Many years ago a dear auntie of mine gave me several pieces of hand-made lace.  I could appreciate its beauty and its old-world charm, the labour and skill that went into its creation, but it didn’t fit the décor of my home.  I carefully wrapped it up and tucked it away in a drawer, until…

One day I found myself in the studio, working with the clay, playing with textures, and it occurred to me that the lace would probably leave beautiful designs in the clay.  It didn’t take long before I was able to give my auntie a bowl I made using her lace.

And she seemed to enjoy this as much as I did.  Soon she found more pieces of lace for me to work with, from large elaborate designs to small intricate patterns.  I am now proudly displaying my heritage on plates and trays, platters and bowls.

Do you have an old piece of lace that you no longer use?

Speak to me about creating a custom piece for you.  I would welcome the opportunity to immortalize your lace in clay so it can be viewed, used and enjoyed for years to come.